Ramzi Alqrainy

Ramzi is one of the well recognized experts within Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval fields in Middle East. Active researcher and technology blogger with the focus on information retrieval.

Ramzi is currently managing the search and reporting functions at OpenSooq.com where he capitalizes on his solid experience in opensource technologies in scaling up the search engine and supportive systems there.

Solid experience in Solr, ElasticSearch, Mahout and Hadoop stack contributed directly to the business growth through the implementations and projects that helped the key people at OpenSooq slice and dice information easily throughout the dashboards and data visualization solutions.

With more than 6 full stack search engines development, Ramzi was able to solve many complicated challenges that deals with agglutination and Stemming in Arabic Language.

Finally Ramzi holds a Masters degree in computer science with top 3 in his class. Listed on honor roll.